Yesterday was held the “SEMI-FINAL”

The release point was in “Grândola”…at 8h20

Distance: 250km.

You can see all the information in the following link:

or in

Congratulations to the winners:

» FCI Grand Prix – Semi-final / 1st – Amazing Wings (Belgium)

» A.I.L.A.C. – Tournament / 1st – Danilo Costa Resende (Portugal)

» European Championship / 1st – Mike Chadwick (United Kingdom)

» European Youth Championship / 1st – Hegyi Benedek (Hungary)

» National Champion League / 1st – José Marques & filhos

» National Youth Champion League / Ivan Gustavo C. Silva Porto

Congratulations to the winners, and good luck to all in the FINAL RACE (16th October).

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